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Organics Line

Organics line is a 100% natural and vegan, eco-conscience, holistic skincare for a 100% green lifestyle. This collection uses naturally based emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives. Each product is produced in small batches utilizing the purest methods possible, which means it’s more costly to produce.

Our products do not contain animal source ingredients and are vegan friendly, employing eco-friendly fair trade ingredients, clean energy sources and recyclable packaging. All products are manufactured in Vancouver using power from hydro electricity which is generated from rain run off.

Preservatives/Shelf life:

Organics require special handling and packaging, many formulations contain photo-sensitive ingredients that can be adversely affected by direct sunlight. All Organics have a shelf life of 8 months opened and 12 months unopened. We recommend the use of spatulas when handling crèmes to minimize bacterial contamination. As with all natural products we recommend they are stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight with stable and consistent temperature. Never expose products to extreme temperatures it will compromise the emulsion or shelf life of the product.


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