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Truth in Aging

Truth in Aging

PureCeuticals Grape Seed Hydrating Crème had me at hello with its pretty coral color, unobtrusively grapey scent and light, almost whipped texture. Best of all it is hydrating without being heavy. It is readily absorbed by the skin and is not at all greasy, not even for an instant. Grape Seed Hydrating Crème is billed as a face and décolletage cream and I found it works well for both, and as a hand cream.

Grape Seed Hydrating Crème is part of PureCeuticals’ Exotic Naturals line. These products use plant-sourced ingredients and no harsh chemical preservatives and, therefore, have a shelf-life of six months. The most dominant ingredient after water is palmitic acid, one of the most prevalent saturated fatty acids in body lipids. In aging skin, it can decrease by up to 50%, so it’s not a bad idea to be adding it back topically. What’s more, in 2010, a study found it to have some antioxidant effects.

PureCeuticals’ unpretentious formula has sunflower seed, jojoba and olive oils. Other hydrating ingredients are shea and cocoa butters. It is worth noting that the safflower here isn’t a mere oil but the oleosomes. These are found in the seeds and are where they store energy until they germinate.

A key hydrating ingredient is gluconolactone, which in this case is derived from sugar. This is a great ingredient that is water attracting, a free radical scavenger, protector from UV rays, and may even improve rosacea-prone skin. As you would expect, Grape Seed Hydrating Crème has antioxidant grape skin extract, boosted by licorice, raspberry and spinach extracts.

I highly recommend it as a nourishing, but light moisturizer for all ages and skin types.

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